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Make your production complete with costumes from Theatrical Costume Company.  View our photo album and our customer comments.  Click once on a photo to view a full-size picture.  Use your back button to return to this page.

"The show's visual effects are haunting and the the costumes are spectacular."   
Phantom of the Opera review

Christine - dressing room.jpg (36183 bytes) Carlotta - Il Muto.jpg (71308 bytes)
Carlotta.jpg (25761 bytes) Il Muto 5.jpg (53782 bytes) Masquerade 4.jpg (83934 bytes) Amateurs 2.jpg (41094 bytes)
Revolutionary.jpg (167993 bytes) Cosettes.jpg (107718 bytes)
FantineSailorTart.jpg (122175 bytes) MidClass.jpg (103977 bytes) Thenardier.jpg (145975 bytes)

"We had wonderful comments about the costumes you supplied for our show."


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"Once again you have made us look good!"

Hairspray-Edna ironing.jpg (44745 bytes)

Tracy and others.jpg (70026 bytes)

Hairspray-dance.jpg (25542 bytes)

Tracy and Edna - 60s.jpg (16811 bytes)

Dynamites.jpg (19943 bytes)

Tracy and Edna - finale.jpg (65368 bytes)


1940s Radio Hour.jpg (298376 bytes) "We won first place!  All three of the judges commented very favorably about the costumes.  Thank you for making us look so good!"   East Central one-act competition BeastandBelle.jpg (27072 bytes)
"I love the authenticity, coordination of colors and great look you gave the cast!"  
Pueblo, CO
Crazy_for_You.jpg (141246 bytes) Music_Man_color.jpg (127533 bytes)
Wizard_of_Oz.jpg (171440 bytes) "Thank you so very much for helping our show become a success!"  Fergus Falls High School
lg-IMG_5382.jpg (97799 bytes) "The high quality of your costumes and their appropriateness added a valuable dimension to our concerts.  We welcome the chance to work with you again."  Minnesota Orchestra Association Cogsworth.jpg (25892 bytes)
 "Thank you so much for all of your help.  I have to tell you that based on my prior costuming experience, I have never been this pleased first time around! "  Union, NJ lg-IMG_5763.jpg (45651 bytes) "Thank you for all of your help in costuming "Jesus Christ Superstar" for us.  The costumes looked great."  Sangre de Cristo Arts Center
Hello_Dolly.jpg (142689 bytes) "Thanks for all of the hard work that you and your staff do to make our shows look great."
Blue Water Theatre
My_Fair_Lady.jpg (147505 bytes)


OK cast photo-web.jpg (73967 bytes) Dolly cast photo -web.jpg (47447 bytes)


Joseph.jpg (177111 bytes) "Thank you very  much for the wonderful costumes for "Grease".  Every time we've rented from you, the exemplary service and quality costumes have made the shows great and my job easier."  Maple Grove Senior High Grease_and_Bye_Bye_Birdie.jpg (119652 bytes)
"I just wanted to take the opportunity to says thanks very much for a spectacular job on costuming.  Not only did the costumes look wonderful, we certainly appreciate the discount you afforded us."  On Stage Woodward Annie_color.jpg (146527 bytes) Gilbert_and_Sullivan.jpg (144125 bytes)
Once_Upon_a_Mattress.jpg (140874 bytes) "The costumes for "The King & I" were absolutely fabulous.  We received many fine comments from our audiences."  Phipps Center for the Arts Anything_Goes_color.jpg (147487 bytes)


bg_4i57.jpg (57620 bytes) BigRiver3.jpg (15360 bytes) Showgirls2.jpg (14609 bytes) Sunset.png (42706 bytes)


How to Rent Costumes From Us.

First, we recommend that you call us to discuss your production.  We can send you a costume plot outlining suggested costume changes by character and scene.  Click on the link below to obtain a plot request form.   We can suggest ways to cut costs and explain in further detail the discounts available.  We can also answer any questions you may have about taking measurements.

Please note that, when you request a costume plot, we will reply by e-mail with the costume plot as an attachment.  Some e-mail providers have an aggressive spam filtering system.  We recommend that you add the domain name "theatricalcostumeco.com" as an approved sender to your spam filtering system to avoid having our message blocked or mistaken for spam.  

Costume Plot Request Form

Second, take your performer's measurements.  Accurate measurements provide us with a "picture" of your performer.  Click on the links below to obtain our measurement forms.   

Female Male

Third, provide us with a copy of your measurement forms, and, if you are not ordering a complete show, please indicate clearly what costumes you are ordering for each performer.  Please send us your measurement forms as soon as they are available to give us sufficient time to put your show together.

You can e-mail your order or, if you prefer, you can FAX your measurement forms to us at (612) 332-9604.  If you send by fax, we strongly suggest that you make a follow up call to be certain that your fax transmission was received completely and legibly.  Your show is important to us!

View examples of our rental costumes and our customer comments at the top of this page.

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